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The Leading Urge

Dr. Tripti Singh

Women lead but not often enough and when they do; it is with a different beat. In corporate culture, what is holding back women and pushing them forward. The answer to this and other key questions is explored with our guest Dr. Tripti Singh in this podcast. For mantras of priority and privileges of working womanhood listen in.

Just A Good Egg

Egg Shell artist Farha Sayeed

The egg art is now a dying one, with so few people involved in it. Farha sayeed, the Chicago Council General's better half is doing the amazing job of keeping this lovely eggy tradition alive. You can hear her describe the intricate, delicate process as her creativity takes over the eggs of hens to eggs of Emu to the precious ones of Ostrich. Read more about Farha's work here 


Global Identity of an Author

Dipika Mukherjee Author

Today we look at what it means to be a Desi woman in an increasingly global context.  Celebrated author Dipika Mukherjee shares her thoughts and fiction with us while raising some important questions. Where do women turn to for role models?  How can women shape their own identities? How do we address global women’s issues?

Helping Women

K. Sujata President Chicago Foundation for Women

After a life time of work in the non-profit world; you learn a lot of great things about helping. Listen to K. Sujata, the President of the Chicago Foundation for Women share her experiences and impressions in this podcast. She is an immigrant woman in the helping field and at the top of its heirarchy.   You can read more about the Chicago Foundation For Women here.